If you have not experienced the hauntingly beautiful sound emanating from a Mohican wind harp, you have not fully lived.  In this wide world, there is no music, no sound so utterly encompassing of the eternal universe’s splendor as that of the Mohican wind harp.  
Life in the fast lane occurs constantly, and at break-neck speed.  With our jobs, and families and commitments and dreams and obligations and networks and clubs and responsibilities and promises, we hardly ever encounter external stimuli that can actually produce anything but more stress to our already stressed-out lives.  
Mohican wind harps serve to touch the center of all of us, where relaxation, rest and ultimate healing begin.  They serve us in a place that exists beyond ourselves, beyond space and time.  If you have been among those fortunate enough to listen to a Mohican wind harp play it’s soulful, resonating tones, you have been touched by the hand of eternity, of God reaching out to you and extending the ultimate comfort and peace.
The perfect backyard setup would be to install a Mohican wind harp and a hammock.  Everything else is optional and will pale, when rated next to the bliss derived from nature’s harmonic symphony.
A mohican wind harp makes the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.  If you know someone whose life is overwrought with stress and the physical symptoms that are produced by it, there would be no better gift for you to present to them than their own Mohican wind harp.  Chances are, they will not have even heard of them, as these delightful instruments are only now being learned about.  You may need to help them set it up, in just the right location, and then all you will have to do is simply wait for the next wind.
When the wind blows strong, most people think of kites.  Once you have heard the Mohican wind harp’s melody, your thoughts will always drift to hear it again...wind or not.