When someone hears about Mohican wind harps, they are often intrigued by the idea even before they ever listen to the instrument’s sound. Others discover wind harps when they visit a friend’s home, or hear the ethereal tones of a wind harp on the internet. Wind harps are beautiful and unique instruments that come in a range of sizes and designs. If you are interested in purchasing one online, consider the following before making your purchase:

Choose Your Location

Although you can play a wind harp with an electric fan, most use the free flow of outside air. They do this by either placing the harp in an open window or by mounting it outside. Window harps are limited by the size of the window. Whether the harp is placed vertically or horizontally does not matter. The orientation is not important for an outdoor harp either, although most choose to mount them vertically, often on poles, in order to get the best placement with the wind.

Many aficionados say that a SW bearing wind in the range of 10 mph is optimal for the best wind harp tones. However, all agree that the harp must be mounted in an area with somewhat steady airflow. Wind that gusts or quickly changes direction is not suitable for Mohican wind harps.

Choose Your Material

The shape of the harp is not significant. It only needs to satisfy the mechanical requirements that the structure is tall, narrow, and contains support mounts for the strings. Owners often choose metallic structures with either dark or shiny copper or chrome finishes. They are also often styled with modernistic or whimsical designs.

The material for the strings is more important. Some harps use fishing line or a similar material. Others find that the harps last longer with stainless steel or titanium strings. If the strings are metal, the heavier material requires a stronger airflow in order to excite the strings.

Listen To Actual Harps

Go online to listen to the sounds various designs create, or head to a local supplier to find out which one is right for you. Get a feel for the look and sound of various configurations, and then use your experience to purchase the perfect Mohican wind harp. In many instances, purchasing your harp online can save you a lot of money.