Mohican wind harps are both beautiful to look at and enchanting to hear. They are both sculpture and musical instrument in one. Their design is ideally suited for a display in your garden or another beautifully landscaped area. They can make the space look beautiful and create a serene and tranquil setting.
Here are a few ideas for how you can use your Mohican wind harp in your garden:

As a Landscaping Centerpiece
Use your Mohican wind harp as the centerpiece for a landscaped area. Choose where to put the harp, then design the landscaping around it. Start with mid-level evergreen bushes that flower in the spring of the fall, then fan out with a variety of flowers in a rainbow of colors. By selecting a variety, you can be sure to have blooms of some kind throughout the year. The harp and the plants will work together to create a natural sculpted area.
In a Sitting Area
Listening to a Mohican wind harp can be relaxing and meditative. Place one near a bench in the corner of your garden or another shady area tucked away in your yard. You’ll create a nice little oasis to which you can retreat when you want to unwind and feel at peace.
Next to a Pond
Installing a pond in your garden can instantly elevate its profile, creating something really special. A Mohican wind harp is a natural complement to a pond or water garden. If you really want to create something special, you can add colorful fish or koi to the pond. Not only will you create a beautiful spot in your garden or your yard, but you’ll also create another peaceful oasis for yourself.
Mohican wind harps are a great complement for your garden or yard. Explore how you can use one in your garden to make it a more welcoming and attractive place.