Gardens are an oasis for some people. Who does not love a nice garden of flowers and bushes with a fountain in a backyard? It can be a relaxing escape after a hard day's work, or it can be a reprieve from any upcoming distractions that might add stress or anxiety. 

Fountains are good at presenting a consistent, relaxing sound, and sound many times can help calm some nerves and add a little something to the ambiance - making it more relaxing in one case, more vibrant and active in another. 

But if there is a breeze or a wind blowing that day through your precious yard or garden, will you still have the sound of water coming from your fountain? Some fountains do not do well in breezes or winds scattering the water everywhere instead of back into the bowl of the fountain, which then lends to an inconsistent sound that is discordant and not always very relaxing or soothing.

If you live in a breezy or windy location yet have a garden and like the idea of soothing noise to add some peacefulness and leverage the wind, a wind harp can be a perfect way to incorporate soothing sound to your garden while taking advantage of the wind that is common in your part of the country. 

Sure, wind chimes are great, and there are some with very pretty sounds. But they can be inconsistent, and may be not in use when there is no wind or a very slight zephyr. But a wind harp? It is designed to capture any movement of air and convert it into sound - sound that can truly turn your garden or yard into an oasis. 

And who doesn't want an oasis nowadays? Check out our selection of available garden wind harps - one of them is sure to fit your budget and the overall theme of your garden to add beauty and soothing sound.