Commercial harps are appealing to just about anyone. The shapes and designs that you will find are sure to strike your interest!
Harps come in many more designs than people realize. They can take the shape of some of the most popular figures and landmarks you can think of! One of the most exciting things is that in most cases, you can slightly alter the design that is created for you.
The power tower harp speaks for itself. As in the name, it identically resembles a power tower. The intricate design is something that will catch the eye of many. This design can fit in many places, and will draw just the right attention.
Have you ever thought of a harp as a healing mechanism? There is a commercial harp that was designed to represent healing. It is eleven feet tall, and even though it was originally made for a hospital, it can be beneficial in a variety of other settings!
A water horse is something that is beautiful enough to stop anyone in their tracks. The steel, stainless, and titanium harp is breathtaking with the long neck, and the little boy that is gazing up at it. It stands over nine feet, and will be loved by all ages.
The night fire harp is undoubtedly popular. It is made to resemble a candle flame, and it comes in heights that range from six to twenty feet! You can choose which size will work best for you, then sit back and admire the appealing effect of this precisely designed harp.
The enlightenment wind harp is very conceptual. The design makes the strings look like they are twisted, while the base sits up straight under it. This beautiful design was made for a University, and would work extremely well in other educational settings!
Commercial harps are getting a lot more attention than people may realize. The best thing about them is that they can bring life to the simplest objects!