One of the biggest trends in backyard landscape design is to create a space that is meditative and introspective. Homeowners want to walk into their backyard and feel peaceful, creative and energized. To transform your own backyard into a reflective place of serenity, use the following tips.

Introduce Savoring Sounds

To stimulate your senses and transport you away from the hustle and bustle of the real world, consider introducing pleasing and calming sounds in your garden area. One of the most popular items to use is a wind charm, and for an especially beautiful sound, consider a Mohican wind harp that also adds the elements of fine craftsmanship and intrigue to the area.

Instill Some Privacy

Most people don’t overly enjoy having the mailman or the next-door neighbor watch them while they spend time in their backyard sanctuaries. To avoid the interruptions and distractions of the real world, consider adding a tall fence, lush bushes, leafy vines or a thick trellis. You may even want to add a comfortable chair or bench right in the middle of your secluded garden area so you can fully enjoy nature and the quiet sounds of your wind harp without any prying eyes.

Encourage Nature

Use a variety of flowers, plants and other aromatics in your backyard to encourage all kinds of nature. Many of the best landscape designers try to include lots of plants that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. To fully enjoy your backyard sanctuary, you will want to use plants that are native to your area, so they grow and flourish best in their natural climate.

As you begin transforming your backyard into a sanctuary, remember to add personal touches that mean something to you. Maybe artifacts you picked up on an exotic vacation, or antique yard supplies that have been handed down for generations. In addition to the soft sounds of your wind harp, you may want to install a surround sound system so you can play soothing music that will help make the space feel welcoming, balanced and serene.