Wind harps are as old as civilization. These beautiful stringed instruments are designed to be placed in a breezy spot and played by the natural power of the wind. Their unique, gentle sound makes them a popular addition to many decks, porches, and gardens. A wind harp can give a distinctive atmosphere to any outdoor location. Mohican wind harps are custom-built and custom-designed to enhance your outdoor living or working space.

A Wide Selection of Choices

Mohican wind harps come in a wide range of styles to fit any outdoor setting. Standard and unique harps are suitable for homes and private gardens. With their exquisite craftsmanship and affordable price, they can be used to enhance an outdoor experience every day of the year. Several standard harps are copper plated. Unique harps are limited editions, only a few made. They can also be customized with name plaques with inspiring quotes and/or photographs, or illuminated with solar-powered LED spotlights. Commercial harps are large-scale creations used to give a unique touch to public spaces and venues.

Order Your Wind Harp Today!

When you install a wind harp, you are creating an unforgettable year-round ambience in your garden, patio, porch, deck, or public space. You can even customize your harp with a personal picture in custom-engraved stainless steel. These unique instruments can be trusted to produce their gentle sound in almost any weather condition.

For a unique instrument that will add a beautiful yet distinctive ambiance to your outdoor event or everyday garden setting, purchase a Mohican wind harp today.