About Mohican Wind Harps

The idea to build Wind Harps first came during a trip to Taos, New Mexico. We fell in love with the majestic wind harps there. After many years of experimentation, research and visiting the harp at the Wind Pavilion near Zanesville, Ohio, we began Mohican Wind Harps in 1997.

Our products feature a unique 3-sided design that allows the harp to play regardless of wind direction. These wrought iron harp sculptures are meant to be the centerpiece of a garden, patio, deck, porch, and/or anywhere else outside. Most of our harps are 12" wide, 45" tall, and 18-23 lbs.

Today we product 3 different styles of wind harps: standard, unique, and commercial.

We will soon be adding commemorative or anniversary nameplates which can have pictures and words. Plates will be stainless steel engraved black per your wish. They can be attached to bottom or top of harp, pricing to be determined. Send us a high quality digital picture and the wording you want and we'll get you a price.