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A Brief History of Wind Harps

The wind harp is a centuries-old musical instrument that harnesses the power of the wind to create beautiful tones and harmonies. The first wind harps were recorded in ancient Greece, and wind harps are also associated with the Biblical King David. Wind harps have been used to make music, to practice religion and even to predict the weather.
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How Do I Choose a Mohican Wind Harp?

Wind harps are beautiful and unique instruments that come in a range of sizes and designs. If you are interested in purchasing one online, consider the following before making your purchase.
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New items added, one with Celtic cross, other with a garden sprite

We are adding 2 new styles, both made from our simple double twist harp.
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Maintenance or placement questions

For help with placement or maintenance please check instructions sent with your harp or email or call us if you need more help
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