Can you tune these harps? 
You may try. Tones are deeper when strings are not as tight. However, we have found that it is best just to keep strings very tight for best sound production 

Where should I place a harp? 
Look at the pictures of installed harps to get some ideas. To work properly, harp must be in an open, breezy area where the wind comes straight through the strings. It takes time for the strings to build up enough energy to start making sound; swirling winds that keep switching direction will not do this. Best placement is usually with southwest exposure, but the key is to place the harp where the prevailing winds for your area come from. It may also be best to have the harp up in the air somewhat (6-10 ft above ground) as the wind does not swirl as much. . 

How should you attach the harp? 
Harps must be firmly attached to work properly. They cannot swing in the breeze! They can be fastened from top or bottom; they can also be mounted upside down if desired. It is recommended that you use at least three sets of ¼” bolts with lock nuts and washers (galvanized or stainless is preferable), you can also use ¼” lag screw with washer(provided with harp). It is best to check these fasteners every several months to make sure they have not come loose. 

How/when to adjust string tension? 
Harps are shipped with strings properly tensioned. However, changes in temperature or humidity may require that you tighten the strings. If after you have installed the harp, and several days go by, without satisfactory sound, check the tension. Strings should be very firm and make a sound when plucked. Proper tensioning may take some experimentation on your part. Recommended procedure is to start on one side and tighten each screw 1/8 to  ¼ turn at a time. Then repeat as needed. All strings should be approximately the same tension. Please make sure you keep tension even on all sides of the harp, as you can distort the frame or even break the strings if tightened too much. 

View instructional video

What should you do if above steps do not yield satisfactory results? 
Please remember the sound is very subtle, usually not heard more than 50-75 ft away. A quiet residential or rural setting is best. If you have adjusted the strings, and are still not getting desired results, we recommend trying a different location. Try placing the harp temporarily in different locations on your property, and then permanently mount it in the place that works best. 

What sound should you expect? 
The sound you will hear is similar to the humming of an electric wire. Listen to the sound button on our webpage to get an idea. Some people have said the work better in winter conditions, due to more consistent winds, and colder temperatures, which keep strings very taught. 

Lastly. If you still need help, please email any questions. It may be helpful to email a layout of your property(or a digital picture is best) with arrow indicating N-S with a description of your installation. If we cannot help this way, please feel free to call for more assistance.